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Thom's New Book on the Kennedy Assassination - "Ultimate Sacrifice"

"Ultimate Sacrifice"

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Thom Hartmann

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We solved the murder, and the cover up...


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"Ultimate Sacrifice" - Authors: Thom Hartmann - Lamar Waldron

Publisher Carroll & Graf Pub
Publication date December 31, 2005
Binding Hardcover
Book category Adult Non-Fiction
ISBN 0786714417
Original list price $33.00
Subjects History - United States - 20th Century

************************ Blogger's Note ************************
If I were a betting man and Thom is writing a book on Kennedy's assassination,
my money would be on it being about Kennedy's character assassination.

This seems to be the most logical conclusion to me.

I hope I am wrong about my bet, actually. For about 2 years, I have found Thom to be quite credible.

This is clearly one of those times I would stake everything on a wager and hope to be WRONG.

I would be much happier in the long run to be able to take Thom's word to the bank.

I am certain Thom would never LIE like that. I feel left with just those 2 choices, if, in fact, Thom is writing a book.

JFK, the CIA, and Cuba
Project Freedom: Robert Kennedy's Plan to bring Democracy to Cuba
by Lamar Waldron (with Thom Hartmann)

by Staff, PW Daily -- 11/10/2005

The latest book to join the Kennedy assassination canon is due out November 18 from Carroll & Graf. Ultimate Sacrifice asserts that a planned Cuban coup is the major reason the conspiracy to kill the president has been covered up so well for so long. Salon will be running a 5,000 word excerpt on November 22.
Ultimate Sacrifice: John and Robert Kennedy, the Plan for a Coup in Cuba, and the Murder of JFKLamar Waldron With Thom Hartmann. Carroll & Graf, $33. (904p.) ISBN 0-7867-1441-7
There has been a long hiatus in significant books on the JFK assassination since Gerald Posner's Case Closed argued in 1993 that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. Posner took the CIA’s lack of involvement for granted, and that, according to this mammoth and painstakingly researched account, was a big mistake. It is Waldron and Hartmann's (The Edison Game) contention—bolstered by access to many previously unavailable files, and interviews with little-known as well as prominent figures—that the CIA knew a great deal about the assassination. But the agency couldn't admit what it knew because that could uncover the existence of a U.S. plan for a coup in Cuba, run by JFK's brother, Attorney General Robert Kennedy. The assassination, say the authors, was carried out by hired gunmen on the orders of three noted Mafia dons whose lives were being made miserable byRFK's ruthless pursuit—and these Mafia men knew about the planned invasion because they had worked with the CIA on previous efforts to topple Castro. Oswald, long a hidden CIA agent, was set up as the patsy, and it had always been Jack Ruby's job to eliminate him if he wasn't killed at the scene of Kennedy’s shooting.How well do the authors make their case? With a relentless accumulation of detail, a very thorough knowledge of every political and forensic detail and the broad perspective of historians rather than assassination theorists. They spend perhaps too much time with people they admire, like the late Enrique Ruiz Williams (who was to replace Castro in the planned coup). They also cannot resist chasing stories of only marginal relevance to their principal one, like what really happened to Che Guevara in Cuba. But no future historian of that tormented period in American history will be able to ignore their very convincing presentation, even if a lay reader may feel overwhelmed by the sheer weight of the evidence. B&w photos. (Nov. 18)


Friday, November 04, 2005
DC to discuss Real History
This coming year's JFK Conference, to be held in DC Nov 18-20, has one of the most illustrious set of speakers ever gathered.

Gary Hart, who investigated the JFK assassination as part of his role on the Church Committee in the seventies, will be there.

James Bamford, author of A Pretext for War : 9/11, Iraq, and the Abuse of America's Intelligence Agencies, and Body of Secrets, in which he describes how the military and Kennedy were at serious odds over Operation Northwoods and other activities, will speak.

So will Jefferson Morley of the Washington Post, David Talbot of Salon, Professor John Newman, and so many others. See this list for the complete set of speakers and topics.

I hope to attend, and bring some tidbits of the talks back to this blog. When I first got into this case, I attended a conference and took copious notes, and shared as much as I could with the Internet audience. Amazingly, those reports are still out there.

The JFK case is the one that really opened my eyes to real history. The government and the mainstream media told us one version of events. But the actual data tells a clearly radically different story. Clearly. Radically.

The book that first helped me start to really put together what I was learning was Mark Lane's book Plausible Denial because he was the first to illustrate for me directly the link between the CIA and the media. If the CIA killed Kennedy, and the CIA controlled the media, then it suddenly made sense that the evidence said one thing and the media another. Doh!

From this, I branched out into other events. If the mainstream media could be so completely wrong on the Kennedy assassination, what else where they completely wrong about?

The Iraq war, obviously. But what about other events? The downing of TWA Flight 800. When all those witnesses saw something hit TWA Flight 800 in the sky, do you remember who did the rebuttal video? The CIA put together a "simulation" showing the plane breaking up and the flames ascending in their attempt to say when the plane was falling, the flames were going up, and that's what people saw. In other words, what was up was down, what was before was after. What's amazing is how many people fall for that kind of disinformation. I would have been one of them, had I not studied the Kennedy case in depth for a period of years.

When people used to join the CIA under James Angleton, he wouldn't let them work in his counterintelligence outfit until they had studied one Soviet deception case, called "The Trust", for two full years. Only then were they fit to study counterintelligence. Similarly, I wish citizens would study the Kennedy assassination for two years. After that, they would never take any government or media pronouncement on faith alone. They would ask to see the evidence. They would ask better questions, and hold the government and media more accountable to the truth. A pipe dream? Of course. But you can educate yourself, you know? No one's stopping you.

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