Friday, November 04, 2005

Hartmann - Morris Interview

Thom had a great interview yesterday with Dick Morris.

Albino Dolphin has the full interview.

Well it was going great until Thom stated the fact that Sandy Berger warned Rice about Osama Binladen. Hearing the name Sandy Berger, Morris decided it was high time to bring a very gentlemanly debate into the gutter by reaching into his dirty bag full of canards. The fact is Rice dismissed the importance of Osama BinLaden. Morris obviously knowing no ammount of lipstick is going to make that pig look good, he decided to reach for the "Low hanging fruit" by trying to turn Sandy Berger into the TOPIC of the interview. When asked (paraphrased) 'why didnt you write anything that was negative when it came to her failure. A failure that was compounded by not heeding warnings given to her by Sandy Berger?' Morris decided to attack am man instead of attacking the question.
HIGH FIVE, THOM! nothing wrong at all with your fair volly back. Morris is the one that decided to take the interview into the gutter. That Jack-Ass had no buisness trying to drag a 3rd party's name through the mud.

Related article below

Media Backtalk ( "Howard Kurtz: I have written six stories involving Jeff Gannon, including one before he resigned. Perhaps you neglected to do your homework.
On Morris, I basically covered the media coverage. Here's what I wrote on Aug. 30, 1996:

The subject was sordid: a cash-for-trash tale of sex and a political operative.

The timing was devastating: the day of President Clinton's acceptance speech at the Democratic convention.

The delivery route was familiar: from the Star supermarket tabloid to the front page of Rupert Murdoch's New York Post, the same scandalous path that launched the Gennifer Flowers saga into the mainstream media 4 1/2 years ago.

Yesterday's bombshell about presidential adviser Dick Morris's alleged relationship with a $ 200-an-hour prostitute, who dished her dirt in graphic detail to the Star, did more than force the resignation of Clinton's longtime political guru. It exploded into the headlines, leading the news last night on CBS, NBC and ABC just as the president was about to bask in the televised limelight of accepting his party's renomination.

The Star, whose 'White House Call Girl Scandal' edition officially hits the streets Monday, would not disclose how much it paid the prostitute, Sherry Rowlands, for the story, but Star reporter Richard Gooding told ABC's 'Nightline' last night it was less than $ 50,000. "

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