Tuesday, November 01, 2005

FINALLY The Snapping Turtle Comes Out of his Shell

Finally, Reid called for a closed session to force the slimeball majority to get to work on putting sunshine to lies that led us to a desperate war of convenience.

For way too long, the lies about 9-11 and the lies about our need to make democracy compulsory all over the rest of the world while stamping out every last iota of what democracy and LIBERTY really mean to Americans.

Maybe today the REICH-WING is about to be clipped? How long is it going to take, WE THE PEOPLE, to HIT THE STREETS and DEMAND the BU$H Cartel STOP TAKING LIBERTIES on the backs of rest of the world? What in the hell is GoatBoy's hurry to RAM confirmations through the Senate? He was ASKED to wait until AFTER THANKSGIVING to name his new brownshirt crony for his SCOTUS justice. Yet again Curious George just had to reach into his diaper and fling a load into the face of Lady Liberty.

Yes Harry, I will be thankful this Thanksgiving. Thank you for FINALLY LEADING the Democratic Party.

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