Monday, October 31, 2005

Trent Lott Stopped Just Short of Suggesting Ann Coulter Should Be Nominated for SCOTUS

Briefly removing his foot from his mouth long enough to suggest: "I think the President should look across the country and find the
most qualified man, woman, or minority."

Although gay and trans-gender people have been treated as second class citizens by the Reublican party, it is about time someone breaks away from that sort of "groupthink", as Trent Lott has. The only Problem I have with Ann Coulter is not the questionable gender.
  • Browse through Ann Coulters picture archive. Sadly, it appears, Ann never was a child at any time.

  • I am troubled because (s)he has exressed in the past to be against gay marriage rights. This just does not seem to me to be a balanced opinion from someone that apparently has chosen a comfortable gender. (The Huge Man Hands and a BODACIOUS Adam's Apple are signs to me)

    Even worse if a gender was assigned to Ann Coulter, she should be able to marry whatever gender (s)he feels comfortable with.

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