Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Why Get Excited Now?

The Left Coaster:

by pessimist
Sure - George W. Bu$h'$ (mi$)Admini$tration is going in the tank. His polling numbers continue to drop, and the realization begins to build that he and his entire crew could be thrown out of power with a shift in the makeup of the Congress.
But this supposes a fair election, which isn't going to happen.
We've beaten the Diebold horse to death, so I won't go over that carcass again. Instead, I'm going to look at the slate of poor choices we are going to be offered to select from when we're allowed into the booth to trigger the 'correct' tally subroutine with our votes.
I have to say that there isn't anyone in either major party that impresses me enough to support them at this time. For every Frist, you have a Daschle. For every McCain, you have a Gore. For every George Allen, you have an Barack Obama making nice with the opposition


Thank you, thank you.

Will you post a post on the "Thank Russ" Campaign?

Big and bold.

This IS important.
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