Friday, January 06, 2006

Sharon Death Covered-Up?

Conflicting reports of Sharon ALREADY being dead, have me wondering if Bu$hCo is trying to keep it quiet so the funeral does not interfere with the Scalito confirmation.



JERUSALEM [MENL] -- The family of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has ordered doctors to keep him in a coma.

Sharon was to have been removed from a medically-induced coma on Jan. 6, government sources said. But Sharon's family and aides objected and ordered that the prime minister remain comatose for as long as possible in the hope that he would survive a massive stroke.

"He's on life-support systems and he's in a deep coma," a government source said. "If he was anybody else, the plug would have been pulled and he would have been declared dead."

On Sunday, physicians at Jerusalem's Hadassah Hospital planned to again seek permission from Sharon's two sons to end the coma. The physicians said this could determine whether three brain operations in as many days succeeded in saving the prime minister's life.
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