Tuesday, December 20, 2005

DeLay files for re-election to 12th term

AP: "Democrats predicted his legal problems and declining popularity will take their toll.
'At a time when more than half the people in his district believe he has done something illegal and does not deserve to be sent back to Congress, Tom DeLay, the kingpin of the culture of corruption in Washington, D.C., is asking Texas families today to forget the indictment, forget the corruption, and send him back to Washington for another two years,' said Sarah Feinberg, press secretary for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.
This weekend a judge ruled that additional hearings in the case couldn't be set until after an appeals court ruling, dampening DeLay's hopes of quickly regaining his House leadership post.
DeLay wants to proceed to trial on one count while others are being appealed, before his GOP colleagues call for new leadership elections when Congress reconvenes in January.
DeLay was forced to step aside as majority leader in September after his indictment on charges of conspiracy to violate Texas election laws. A second grand jury indicted him on charges of conspiracy to launder money and money laundering charges.
DeLay and two associates are accused of funneling $190,000 in corporate contributions through a political committee and an arm of the National Republican Committee to seven GOP legislative candidates. Earle contends they tried to circumvent Texas' law barring spending corporate money on most campaign expenses.
DeLay won't go to trial until appeals are resolved, a process that typically takes at least five months.
Prosecutors have appealed a judge's partial dismissal of criminal charges, and DeLay's attorneys have asked the 3rd Court of Appeals to condense their normal procedure and shorten filing periods."

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