Thursday, November 17, 2005

Tamiflu linked to 64 cases of psychological disorders and 2 suicides; China reports 3 persons infected with bird flu

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Tamiflu, the “world’s first line of defense” against the avian flu (purported to be spreading -- or being spread -- throughout the world) has now been linked to 64 cases of psychological disorders and two teen suicides, according to media reports from Japan. According to western media, such as Reuters, the FDA is “investigating.”

Meanwhile, China is hit with three cases of humans infected with bird flu. A SARS-type crisis throughout the region appears imminent.

Three issues must be considered:

  1. Avian flu -- as well as SARS, West Nile, and other pandemics -- is the pretext for the militarization of the United States (and the rest of the world), a large-scale project by the Pentagon and Big Pharma.

  2. Population control, depopulation, and fear are key Peak Oil-related control measures. It is called “demand reduction.”

  3. China, with the world’s most populous nation and its surging economy is both a major holder of US debt, and a huge consumer of energy. As Peak Oil-related crises worsen, particularly for the western nations and economies, the control of China -- a Cold War -- is a Washington imperative.
Either through bioterror, “pandemics,” or the cures for the diseases, we are witnessing “demand reduction.”

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