Monday, November 14, 2005

Let them eat Merde

Let them eat Merde - JAMAICAOBSERVER.COM: "Common Sense
John Maxwell
Sunday, November 13, 2005

'Man is born free and everywhere is in chains' was said by a Frenchman,
Jean Jacques Rousseau. Two centuries after Rousseau, another Frenchman, one
Nicholas Sarkozy describes millions of his fellow citizens as 'scum', among
several other pungent epithets directed at them because they happen not to
belong to what Sarkozy clearly conceives of as the master race."

The pundits of the western world are sure that all France needs to overcome
these problems is to embrace globalisation and to tear down its welfare state.
The problem, as millions in France and in this hemisphere see it, is that
globalisation is another word for imperialist exploitation and competitiveness
is a euphemism for slavery.
When Chirac says, "Whatever our origins, we are
all the children of the Republic and we can all expect the same rights", he is
in direct opposition to the rightwing globaliser, Sarkozy, who dismisses
Chirac's "children of the Republic" as "yobs", "fundamentalists" , "riff-raff"
and "vermin" and speaks of the need for the suburban ghettos to "to be cleaned
out with Karsher", an industrial cleanser Sarkozy's problem, and George Bush's,
is that 50 years on there are millions of Rosa Parkses around the world who are
refusing to be moved to the back of the bus.

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