Friday, September 09, 2005

Lying Media Bastards � Rebels to the Rescue

Rebels to the Rescue: "In a rather shocking development, Houston Indymedia and the Prometheus Radio Project received permission from the FCC to run an emergency low-power radio station inside the Astrodome for the benefit of the Katrina refugees housed/interned there, KAMP (Katrina Aftermath Media Project)- Evacuation Radio Services, 95.3FM.
But apparently that wasn't enough. Local bureaucrats decided that KAMP needed to obtain 10,000 walkman-sized radios to give out to the refugees before they could broadcast a single syllable. Which was actually acheived in record time.
Now, some military guy on-site has decided that he can't allow the station to broadcast because the stadium couldn't spare the electricty. John Anderson, guru on all things LPFM tells us that A 30-watt transmitter draws less than a third of the power of your average incandescent light bulb. When the would-be broadcasters offered to run the broadcast entirely on battery power, they were again rejected.
More than anything, the continuous red tape, road blocks, and fuck-ups in helping the Katrina victims seems to be a need by authorities to have Control. Victims who try to feed themselves by looting are threatened by cops. People who try to get out of the city themselves get stopped by sheriffs with guns. Thousands of folks try to volunteer their time or donate supplies and are stopped Actually, this point is such a huge deal I'm going to interrupt my train of thought to demonstrate:"


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