Thursday, September 08, 2005

Cold political calculation behind federal foot-dragging in New Orleans?

The Carpetbagger Report � Blog Archive � Northern Command isn't happy: "

I've just done a little research, for data that might shed light on why the federal foot-dragging to save New Orleans occurred. Louisiana is, after all, a solid red state, which Bush won by a 60/40 margin.
Here's what my research revealed:
Examination of the official Louisiana Secretary of State 2004 presidential election results map shows that only six of sixty four parishes favored Kerry, and in all but one of those Kerry was favored by a very slim margin.
The dramatic exception is Orleans Parish, where 152,610 voted for Kerry and 42,847 voted for Bush. That's 78% for Kerry, and 22% for Bush. (See
The city boundaries of the city of New Orleans are coextensive with those of Orleans parish.
Interestingly, those percentages closely mirror San Francisco's: 83% for Kerry, 15% for Bush. (See
We all know how famous Rove is for knowing this data cold � without even having to look it up.
As they say in Texas, you dance with the ones that brung ya.
God help us when the Big One hits here. "

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